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Gone To Waste "b d d b" LP

Gone To Waste "b d d b" LP

12 EUR10 EUR
after 2 7inches GTW did this banger.... make sure to get your hands on this record!

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01.  Education.Fabrication
02.  Barking Dogs Don´t Bite
03.  Fool´s Path
04.  Head in the Clouds
05.  Soulthieves
06.  Paradise
07.  Eternal Sleep
08.  Blinding Light
09.  Born Dead
10.  Strassenblues
11.  No Love

pressing info:
1st press

100 pre-order edition
100 rec-release edition
200 regular white/orange swirl
300 regular white/violett swirl

2nd press

150 pink
350 green (111 with farewell cover)