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Wayfarer Youth "moving mountains" 12inch

Wayfarer Youth "moving mountains" 12inch

10 EUR
these fine gentleman from hengelo/netherlands have been in various bands before ("striking justice" and "to the test" to name a  of them) and now play a lil more mellow tune than they usually did in their punk/hc projects.
you will get a 5 song EP on 12inch vinyl, with an etched b-side and wonderfull coverartwork!
if you like Jimmy Eat World, Title Fight, Citizen, Basement and other postcore/poppunk bands this will be a good choice for you...
perfect record to get into winter mode and to get over dark winter nights, or right into them - whatever you like!

1. Winter
2. All New
3. Never Letting Go
4. Storm
5. Fade

pressing info:

250 black