Powertrip Records

Wolf Down "stray from the path" LP

12 EUR
1st LP by Wolf Down.
splitrelease with Start A Fire Records from bremen.

01.  Intro
02.  Treasures Of The World
03.  Loss
04.  Reality Slap
05.  Loving Embrace
06.  Tables Will Turn
07.  Stray From The Path
08.  Crown Of Thorns
09.  Daydreaming
10.  No Silent Approval
11.  Captives

pressing info:
1st press

250 black vinyl/red label (emergancy vinyl for the release weekender(180 covers with golden embossment) and fluff fest(70 ice cream covers)
200 clear/grey swirl (pre-order)
300 clear with white and purple splatter
525 grey

2nd press

100 red/black 50/50
100 purple
300 clear
525 white